Spear's Ranch on salado creek


  • Who is the management company for the community?  Currently PAMco is the management company.  PAMco can be contacted at http://www.pamcotx.com/default.php or 512 918-8100 or pamco@pamcotx.com.
  • Is there a property owners association and is its membership mandatory?  Yes and membership is mandatory in both the SRPOA and Wildlife Management.
  • How many lots currently have homes? Approximately 60 out of 80 lots have homes.
  • Can I shoot firearms? With the recent SB741 lawful discharge of firearms is guaranteed by state law. 
  • Are there requirements for the pre-approval of all types of buildings, fences, and other improvements?  Yes, there is an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) made up of elected lot owners.  No structures should be started without prior approval of the ACC.  See our ACC and Covenants page for forms.  
  • Is there a Spear's Ranch property owners association (SRPOA) board?  Yes, SRPOA board members are elected lot owners.
  • Are there lots or homes for sale and if so how do I get access?  Please contact any local real estate agent for information regarding lots or homes for sale and the agent can provide access.
  • Are restrictions strictly enforced? Absolutely, there is no other development of this type close enough to commute to Austin or Temple.  With the continued explosive growth towards this area of Williamson County ensuring that this community continues to prosper is the SRPOA's highest focus.
  • What is the policy regarding the number of dogs or cats allowed?  The SRPOA board has adopted a policy that no lot owner may keep more than 4 dogs and/or 4 cats as pets on their lot.
  • Who is our wildlife management company and how do I contact them? Bluestem Environmental Consultants is our wildlife management company and can be contacted at glenn@merkord.com or (936) 827-7978.